Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yarrahappinni to Algomera Ride

I planned and posted another ride on the Facebook Site.
Eric and Leo put their hands up for a run through Algomerah and up the side of Yarrahappinni.
We attempted some State Rail Recon but ran out of road. 
Preferring not to be clipped by a train we pulled out and continued to Way Way State Forest.
We all had a go at the monster hill climb, Eric had better results than Leo and I.
I ran out of battery after my fourth fall only 60 metres from the top and had to bail.
Leo was impressed by my tactical dive headfirst into a lantana bush after a bad crossup in the ruts.
After a breather we explored Way Way then headed across the highway to Algomerah Creek Road.
The shadows were getting longer so we made good time with a fast run into Collombatti.
By the time we hit Frederickton the sun was on its way down.
A great day, and some new trails have been explored.

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