Friday, September 24, 2010

Kilprotay to Bowraville Ride

I'm bored. I might go ride Kilprotay Trail by myself.

Not as easy as it sounds.

And if it goes wrong.. Well..

Hope the wild pigs don't scatter my bones too far.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nulla Nulla Creek Ride

Danny had called a few blokes to ride the top of Nulla Nulla Creek State Forest.

They called into Chunks place at Bellbrook at very short notice.

He was cool with it though and got his bike out for a run.
 Orange seems to be the color of the day.

With a little bit of blue too.

Chunk says his goodbyes to the family.

Dave is keen to go

It was hella foggy as we left Bellbrook for the Nulla Nulla Creek Rd.

We turned off at Kilprotay Trail.

I saw an old BMW tootling up the track as we gathered ourselves together.
We spotted the fellow on the old BMW at the threeways and had a yak.
He was heading up into Brinerville and on to Bellingen

We discussed road conditions and what to expect next.

Chunk borrowed my camera for some corner shots.

Heres the corner. Digital camera lag can be a bastard sometimes.

Wait a minute, heres Danny!

Heres Chunk packing his umm... bag.

Buggah. The roads closed. Oh well, we weren't going that way anyway.

Chunk telling us fibs again. The fish wasn't that big surely.

Bloody green and orange clash a bit I reckon.

Dannys got wood. He's clearing the deadfall tree out of the way.

Just waiting for Chunk to pack his bo.. I mean bag away.

Thats a $1300 clutch brake combo lever.

Smiles all round. You'd need a shovel for all the bullshit.

Top of the gnarly hill. It was a good one.

Woops. Someones snapped a gear lever.

Time for a fuel swap.

At the Horseshoe Kilprotay Trail intersection.