Monday, April 3, 2017

Woolich Dock

Woolwich Dock is a former dry dock and shipyard in Woolwich, New South Wales, Australia.

The site was purchased by Morts Dock and Engineering Company in 1898 and opened 1901.

It was the biggest dry dock in Australia, at 188 metres long and 27 metres wide. 

Although no longer operated as a drydock is still used for maritime purposes.

Bronze suits the BMW

The walk starts at the Goat Paddock

Top spot to bring the family

Plenty of parklands to wander about in

The views of the city are good too

A lot of labour

A family out for a boat ride

The upper class park and service their boats here

They made things to last

The timber fenders were added by the army around 1963

Its amazing where a plant will grow

There's a few million dollars worth of boats here

I wonder what purpose this served

I assume a crane ran on these

Old electrical and unidentified boom

The cliff face has its own little eco system

This is one of the barges used to service ships

Hawkesbury sandstone shown to good effect

Marine travel lift

Some informative plaques

James Bond ready for docking

The doghouse in front of the cafe

Deckhouse Cafe and function Centre

Pier that services the Deckhouse

A view of the barge from above

Some info on the army occupation