Friday, January 31, 2014

Bandit Sold. Another DR650?

I finally sold the Bandit 1200. Sorry to see it go but...

Like with all big bikes it was all too tempting to twist the throttle.

I realised that I would turn myself to strawberry jam or worse.

And I've always been partial to the adventure bike idea.

Sooo.. I bought another DR650SE.

Stock, they are a bit stifled. So I scored a DG pipe from the USA.

Matched it with a Dynojet Stage 2 kit and opened the airbox.

The results? A joy to ride.

Out with the holesaw and dremel to cut that box open.

Standard tank is a bit low on capacity.

The boys from MX1 in Riverstone supplied the Acerbis 20 litre tank at a good price.

$358 delivered.

I needed the blinkers to clear the tank so made a couple of brackets.

Heavy Duty 8.5 rear spring from Shock Treatment

15- 43 520 Chain and Sprocket set from Port Macquarie Motorycles

A set of ProTaper handlebars in titanium grey from Coffs Motorsports

My last headlight copped heaps, so I decided to buy some lexan and make a shield.

A couple of velcro buttons allow easy removal.

I rang Whipps alloy to see if they had a bashplate in stock.

They didn't have one but made it for me in a day.

I picked it up onsite and got a nice discount too.

Check em out here. Whipps Alloy

B & B sideplates to stop the paint getting scuffed.

18 inch rear rim to be laced.

The upper chain roller is a bad thing. I removed it put a stainless bolt in the hole.

If you leave the roller in it tends to break off taking a big chunk of frame with it.

The DR650 airbox nuts are dick. They tend to fall out when you maintain the air filter.

 I ordered some nuts from ebay and modified them to suit.

Collombatti to Silver Ash Trail

A couple of young fellows told us of this epic single trail that no Suzuki could conquer.

Apparently it would be impassable to a Big Yellow DR650.

I took it as a challenge. Funny that.

They were only on KTM's after all.

They boiled and spent ages trying to get out.

We did it easy. Sure, we stopped a few times, but we didn't steam the place out.

So just for fun, we did it again. :)