Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kosekai - Targimindi Trail

I put some new tyres on the grey DR and was happy to say it's very improved.

I was keen to try a set of D606 Dunlops as I heard good things about them.

Port Yamaha provided them at the right price.

Collombatti Trig.

Near the Saleyards

Roses Road. 

These Doubletake mirrors are the goods.

Just a small obstacle.

Sometimes the small obstacles stop you.

Yellow cat in the background.

Nice little creek on Pastry Trail.

Found the chink in my armour.

This is one of two black snakes in a matter of metres.

Very agressive too.

I near knocked the starter switch out of the handlebars when I threw my leg up.

Green hell.

Pastry Trail view.

On the road to Taylors Arm.

An interesting little bus shelter.

It's not open very often.

Lets go to church.

Targamindi Trail view.

Andersons Sugarloaf.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yarrahappini Mountain Ride

I ordered some braided lines for the DR650SE as the stock ones are somewhat spongy.

They look good for the price and I fitted them up with no dramas.

Of course, then it was necessary to test them.

Lets try them on that big hill.

A rusty old Farmall tractor and implements.

Geez, I'd hate to hit one of these at speed.

Not a bad view from here.

Stuarts Point.

Enough power to make your fillings buzz.

They obviously don't want people getting in here.

Reminds me of South Africa.

Looking South towards Clybucca.

In the rainforest.

Decent sized log.


Its a good spot. My lady and I camped here a few years ago.

View from Scotts Head.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Side Cut Trail Ride

Trev and Adam were keen for another run through the scrub.

We took a day off through the week. Self employment has it's advantages.

We met at Trevs riverside abode and started to get organised.

Best damn bike ever.

Adam decided to change his oil at the last minute.

Regular changes are pretty necessary on these orange things.

This is Sanchez. He is Trevs alarm clock.

Trev hates being woken early.

Heading out towards Boonanghi.

You think someone would remove that tree.

Adam plays catch up with the mighty berg and super DR.

Which way is it again? I don't know. Check that sign.

Well the sign isn't much good for anything.

We've been here before says Adam.

Oh no. The KTM has locked it's gearbox.

We find a gear and lock it in. Adam rides gingerly home.

Trev gave me a ride on his 450 Husaberg.

I liked it very much. It's ergonomics were good. The suspension was supple.

And the engine was like a turbine. Bulk power.

I was happy to get back on old yella though.

Very happy.

Its not a bad view from Trevs verandah.

Here's the other view.

A big rat was making a nuisance of himself.

Trev had trouble getting him in the trap.

Then.. snap! The chair finished him off.

Best beer spot ever.

Sanchez has a bad habit of shitting on Trevs boots.

He won't last long at this rate.

Then we got the spanners onto the KTM again.

We have to find what locked that gearbox.

Turns out one of the dogs had broken from a gear and jammed up the works.

It could be expensive.

KTM Sunday, ATM Monday I reckon.