Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mount Wellington Mountain Bike

So I tell my bro that I want ride a pushbike down the mountain.

Not a problem he says, so I rug up and load the bike.

It was pushing 0 degrees at the peak so I wore most of my clothes.

The radio towers up here will make your fillings hum.

Sometimes they will bugger up your central locking so you can't access your car.

The best place to be when it's snowing is in there.

Yes, that's snow.

I told em I was happier going down than up.

Luckily there is a convenient pub at the bottom of the road.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Christmas & Choppers

Christmas in Tassie was awesome.

My brother showed me around his workshop.

He's got some good gear.

This is the Buell that I rode around Tassie last time.

Looks a bit different now.

I got a viking horn for Christmas. Yay!

Everyone needs a rotary mill.

And an english wheel.

Glen is a big fan of Judge Dredd.

He also enjoys making large battle axes.

Got to have some dirty tyres for the DR650.

That poor old Buell. I loved that thing.

Here's the big Keewee I rode down Mount Wellington.

A nicely tarded DR650SE

Here's Glen with his Chopper. Hand beaten tank. 

I reckon it suits me.