Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outfitting the DR650SE

Kingy on his machine
I got my moneys worth out of the Mitas E-07
Now it's getting the Mitas E-09 Dakars
The Pirelli MT21 is a great tyre
Mitas must have copied the Michelin T63 block pattern

They are very similar
Cleaned up and tuned
Ballards forgot to send the spring collar initially
The previous owner gave the C Nuts a hard time
A small sheet of plexi will make a good headlight protector

Sone velcro buttons to fit
Initial fitment and tuning

Getting the rack flat hitech style

Some wet towels for spatter protection
Its big, but I'll use it all
Checking fit of the bottom pannier support strut

The crim-safe oil cooler guard

Some $20 Repco jerry cans

After a clean cut with the jigsaw
Reinforcing the inside rim with checker plate ally

Some stainless washers for extra support

Clamped for drilling and rivetting

The nearly finished result
Kingy pressed the worst dent out. I tuned it.
Grinding back the header weld on the Staintune