Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ulverstone - Penguin

We scored accommodation at Ulverstone on the far north coast.

It's a beautiful little town with great views.

Just across the road we explored the beaches.

This will do for our Christmas tree this year.

A bird sitting on a bird.

A dirty old Triumph.

Well.. a newer and cleaner Triumph anyway.

Lest we forget.

Looked like a big shark swam up the beach.

We made sure to feed the garden fish.

Spirit of Tasmania

We boarded the big red boat at Port Melbourne.

Being really clever we bought pizza with us.

Lucky we did as the prices on ship were highway robbery.

The lounge seating wasn't too horrible and it was good to walk around.

One of the best sunsets I've seen in ages too.

I laid up on the carpet and tried to crash.

Next thing the sun was up and we were getting ready to berth in Tassie.