Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ridge to Narrabri

I left Grawin and made my way towards Walgett. I went into town for a look and just as quickly drove out again. The place was full of drunks staggering up the main street.
Back onto the Kamilaroi Hwy through Cryon and Burren Junction. More wheat and some massive silos.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lightning Ridge to Grawin

I headed out to Lightning Ridge via Collarenebri.

Took the Angledool Road and turned left into Burranbaa.

There were goats by the thousands grazing on the side of the road. 

You wouldn't go hungry, but you might get sick of goat.

Amigos castle is an amazing construction.

The Astronomers Monument is a weird one.

Concrete must be cheap out here.

20 litre drums make a simple formwork it seems.

Stopped to check out the bottle house.

Some really cool antiques and bric a brac in here.

The proprietor of the bottle house is a nice old gent. 

He's a fount of local knowledge and helped me plan my day of tourist type activities. 

If he offers you a map, give him a few dollars. It wont hurt you.

The can house looked like it had seen better days.

Most were the old steel beer cans.

Flashest dog house around.

They use a door system for addresses in some parts of the Ridge.

You can do a door drive which will take you around the more popular areas.

Its all pretty interesting really. A different lifestyle altogether.

Plenty of old shafts around. 

Don't wander off in the dark.

I'd heard of a place called Grawin.

They had a little club in the middle of nowhere.

Sounds good to me.

It was late by the time I hit the club in the scrub, which was rocking on a Friday night.

They had guitars going and singalongs. What a great place.

I took a turn in the dark and ended up at Corcoran Opal Fields.

Some old workings and little shacks dotted the landscape.

The sign was a bit hard to follow though.