Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Ride of the Year - Five Day Creek

Leaving Chunk's place

Crossing Five Day Creek

And again

Eric getting wet

Stop for a yak & some water

Good turnout for this one

Greta, Dave and Kingy yappin

Round the deadfall log

Up into the green

Who put this gate here?

You take the low road & I'll take the high road

That DR is bloody heavy

Best turn your fuel on again

Point Lookout from high up in the Comara Range

Stopped at the Helipad

Dropping into Lower Creek State Forest

Under we go

Blues skies smiling at me

Another way around a deadfall log

Kingy with his boots stuck under the log

Dave cranking

Kingy Crossed up

Up in the air we fly

Eric styling it up

Down into the creek

Just a little one this time

This ones a bit more daunting

Chunk doing it well

Bit rugged exiting the creek

Emptying out the dropped Yamaha
Stopped at the Lower Creek huts

The huts themselves

The range from the huts

Anyone for a barby?

Other way Chunk

Dropping into Lower Creek proper

Lower Creek Bridge

The "Dyke River"

Top of the Macleay River

Stopped at Blackbird Flat

Looking over Pee Dee

We stopped here like this 25 years ago

Bit of tar into the mix

And some one wheeled shenanigans

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dads Driveway

My old man is a little bit eccentric. 

His driveway signs are a fair indication of this fact.

Just "DON'T".

Just "OLD".

I saw her on the nod actually

You don't say?

Brother Pud and the old man.