Monday, September 26, 2011

eBay Freewind

I spotted this DR650 based Suzuki Freewind doing its second round on eBay.

It might be good for parts, so I checked the sellers feedback. He had a 94% out of 15 transactions.

One of the feedbacks for the sale of the same bike described the seller as "dodgy".

I decided to contact the previous bidder to find out why the transaction failed.

He got back to me with this description.

Hi, where to start!

Firstly when I won the auction, the seller replied that he had already sold the bike

then he messaged me saying he would sell to me

the bike was advertised as registered...but it wasn't, he asked me to deposit money so he could register the bike

I said not to worry...I would register it as long as he supplied the RWC (which is a legal reqmt for reg'd veh)

He said he would not supply a RWC cos it was too much hassle

I said OK...but drop the price by $80

He said OK

I paid $100 deposit by direct transfer, and said I would bring the rest in cash

he said no...deposit the full amount and then he will tell me where the bike is

I said cash

he said by transfer...full amount

I said let me inspect the bike first

he lodged "Non paying buyer dispute"

I said see ya and contacted eBay Fraud section (sic) and they advised I see my bank to reverse the $100...which is still in the works, and lodged the feedback you read

He wrote me emails threatening me, saying he knows where I live etc....

I have copies of those for Police

I kind of hope he does visit.....but I doubt it.

One other thing, from his correspondence I gathered that he has multiple eBay accounts and this one was "new" so he could build up good feedback.

Hope that helps for the bike...I never even saw it...I think it may not even exist!

Needless to say, I took his words in good faith. I dont think I will trouble myself with bidding.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Banda Trail

Kingy and I decided to try Banda Trail again.

Old mate joined us on his XR650.

We headed into the depths of the Toorumbee Valley first.

We explored the old homestead at Kemps Creek.

Then backtracked to the start of Banda Trail.

Some good views of Mount Banda Banda up close.

Then few deadfall trees and some quick riding later and we were at Wilson River.

Out through Pappinbarra and home.


My lady had planned a trip to Canberra for my birthday.

I'd passed through it several times over the years but never had the chance to look around.

I was very interested in seeing the War Memorial more than anything.