Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coachwood Trail Ride

Ben gearing up for the ride

The boys at Strutts Corner

Heading across Temagog Bridge

Warbro - Willi Willi turnoff

Decent rollup for this ride
Up through Willi Willi

Kookaburra Forestry Hut

Douralie Gate

The range in the clouds

Misty old trail this one

In the clouds

One of the many orange bikes

Greta motors across the creek

Bug Matt gets his boots wet

Greta in submarine mode

Phil decides to walk it across

And spark had to tip the water out

Even had to remove his pipe to drain it

Some gear hung out to dry

Chunk does his airbox maintenance for the year

Spark had the KTM roaring with no pipe

While Ben attempts to dry his boots out

Tony had to go back for his bashplate

Wheel in the air again

All of us were cold and wet

A bit of fernery

Walking up to the lookout

Happy chappies

Not a bad view

Too many trees

Skirting the airfield

Heathland on the plateau

Good views

Matt crosses the creek

Matt lays down under a log

Top of the range

Kookaburra Hut in cloud

All the boys were nearly cactus

Spark does the dragon breath

Splitting up at Willi Willi

A quick run home

Wheelie fun day

Kookaburra Fuel Dump