Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bay of Fires

The last time I came through this way it bucketed rain.

Luckily the weather was good to me on this occasion.

Ben Lomond National Park from a distance.

Saint Thomas Church in Avoca.

Marlborough House in Avoca.

The Fingal Post Office.

Beautiful white sands at Binalong Bay.

A tourist soaking up the heat.

Little fellow I spotted in the grass.

View from Bicheno.

Freycinet National Park. I'll be back here soon.

Leven Canyon

Like a dill I left my Nikon camera charger back in Oz.

I bought a cheap Fuji to fill the gap.

These blokes were belting around a little grass track.

I stopped for a yak.

The husky was brand new. He was loving it.

Walked down into the Leven Canyon lookout.

Can you believe they were going to put a dam in here?

Nice distance markers on the benches.

Down down deeper and down.

Then back up again. It's a decent walk.

A little bit of Macro action from the Fuji S5800.

A small walk to Preston Falls.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Nut - Stanley

I learnt about The Nut way back before High School.

The best teacher I ever had, Mr Kevin Gibson had great interest in Geology.

Thanks for that Gibbo. Now I get to see it myself.

This is the the place of the $77 crayfish.

It wasn't real big either. Not like the one on the roof.

The fish and chip shop was exceptional though.

View from the back of The Nut.

An ore carrier off in the distance.

I saw this fellow in s spot of bother.

I removed the eggshell and sent him on his way.

Highfields Estate.

View from the convict barracks ruins.

The barracks ruins.

A bit of both this time.

Fantastic stonework.

The stables at Highfields.

Another view of The Nut from the town side.

The Jimmy Lane Memorial Lookout.

Poor old tassie devil didn't make it.

A mineral sands factory near Burnie.

The conveyor running out to sea.

A big pile of rutile.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cradle Mountain

We had good weather so decided to walk Cradle Mountain.

The last time I saw it was in complete white out.

Poppies are everywhere.

Incredible views. 

Just a magic place.

Plenty of wildlife to be seen.

They like quirky mailboxes around here.

Mount Roland

Great biking roads.

Here we go.

Paths are well maintained.

Ballroom Forest

This cheeky devil followed us for ages.

The Boatshed.

Nice place to get married.