Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mark Walker's Concept Motorcycles Web Page

You may have seen some of Mark's creations earlier in this blog.

Mark and his lovely lady have enlisted the services of a web designer and built a very nice page.

Have a look at it here.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nymboida via Dorrigo Ride

We meet at Clybucca for an early start. Ash seems to run on red bull and Johnny Walker.

A 35 year old motorcycle with current technology hanging off it.

Froof tells us how he caned Ash up the Waterfall Way.

Bill uses his leg to motivate the engine of his motorcycle. Must be an old technology.

Newell Falls.

Mad root system

Bellinger Valley Views

Newell Falls again

Higher up the Waterfall Way

Some good sized timber in this

Random Triumph Rider

Juans Cafe

Big Ned on the left

Guess the speed?

The Nymboida Coaching Station Inn

Keith, Froof and Peeby enjoy a beer.

Excellent metal sculpture

A bit of dirt to cover my numberplate wont hurt

The boys carve up the Tyringham Road

Ash overshoots the turn off

The Dorrigo Railway Museum

A stop at Dorrigo for a squash

A bit cooler under the verandah

An old pump engine in a motorcycle frame

One of those new Ducati Diavels

A mobile road block

Big fires out to the west

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mountain Biking

Mardy talked me into getting the mountain bike out.

This rider has been in the bush too long.

Mardy & Nathan on the jump track.

I'm lying on the ground.. again.

Oh the carnage.

Where Nathan hit my bike.

Matt missing the bar bashers.

Have a go anna?

Do I need stitches?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boonanghi-McCoys-Double Head Trail

Spark was keen to try Double Head Trail after we informed him it was clear.

He dug out his 690 instead of the 530 for a change.

It had the biggest damn footpegs I've ever seen on a bike.

Not to mention a bashplate the size and shape of a tank.

It wouldn't even fit in the photo.

We are going right up Kullatine Spark.

The erosion mounds led to a couple of big hits on the downside.

My Whipps bashplate (which has been excellent) finally gave way.

Lucky it did actually, as it allowed Eric to catch up with us.

He had caught a flatty on the way up the ridge.

Imagine our surprise when we pulled a 21 inch front tube out of an 18 inch rear tyre.

Eric took the easy way over the log, as did I.

This one got me bad last time. Over the bars I went.

I had my confidence up on the way home and cleared it no problem.

Dropping down into Toorumbee via a friends property.

Double Head and Flat Top in the distance.

Out of Toorumbee we made out way to the start of McCoys Trail.

A word with one of the landowners before we head through the gate.

Eric makes a friend. He needs new ones as his shitty jokes have lost him so many.

Hmm. McCoys Creek Retreat eh?

Over the creek were little Rob drowned it last time.

Nothing like a sausage roll for trail food eh Spark?

Lone tree at the bottom of the ridge.

We climb up and up. Not much chance of a view. Too many damn trees.

Spark was rooting around under the forestry hut like an old wombat.

He reckons he dropped 50c there 10 years ago.

My old bashplate was a bit of a bumcutter back there.

I should have put the sharp end backwards.

Top of Double Head on Carrai Road.

You need the owners permission to exit this trail.

Otherwise you have to go back up.

Green hell. But beautiful.

Going down Double Head Trail, I lost my rear brake and near shot off a cliff (again)

This one little stick wedged into my brake lever.

Whats the chances?

Some decent views going down Double Head.

Hard to catch them sometimes as the road needs watching.

There has been bad fires all through here these past months.

Lucky for us, the firies took a D8 Bulldozer with them to clear the trails.

Overall, a great day once again. Nothing like a midweek ride to forget working.

A few small mishaps, a couple of minor falls but nothing major.

We will do it again early next year I reckon.