Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hat Head Rally 2017

Every year the Natureland Classic Motorcycle Club has their rally at Hat Head.

I tried to catch the riders early but missed them by minutes.

Never mind. I'll have a look around the rocks.

I rode home to do some jobs.

Then the rain came down.

Decision time.

Ride back out to Hat Head in the piss down rain and dark?


Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

I'm glad I did.

All my friends were there and in fine form.

A masterful effort on the trophies this year.

My favourite bar maid. Helen.

We camped at the Hat Head Hilton.

Warm and dry.

Then breakfast at the club.

Top effort by the cooks.

You're a cranky looking old man Bob Robbo.

Dad had a Gold Wing and I really enjoyed riding it.

Then we all headed off to Stuarts Point for a run.

He's much smarter than he looks.

My mate Matty.

As always a great event. Good people and beautiful bikes.