Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moree Camp 2010 Settling In

Everyone had settled into the camp.

We went over to Loyds shed for a look at his machinery collection

I wish I could borrow the 457 for a week or two. I'd make our property look like a golf course.

Big machines require lots of fuel. Lots of tanks store that fuel.

This is the shed. It would cover our house block twice.

A couple of old olivers sit outside.

Imagine driving that thing. Your fillings would fall out.

This blue beastie would lack for traction on occasion.

Blue, red, red.

 An old army blitz.

Another angle of the blue Fordson.

Christ, you wouldnt want to be run over by this one!

From steam to infernal combustion.

Bloody old bone rattlers.

At least you couldnt get a flat tyre.

I like the color.

Heres one down by the shearers quarters.

They got their moneys worth out of these tyres.

Steam engines are my favourite.

Loyd revved up the old Champion for a run round the paddock.

The old bulldog mack fueler.

Hey, wheres ya wheelie bin?

Just for a size comparison.

Boom sprayer.

After the shed tour, we headed over to Ben's place.

The pony was getting a workout.

Sunny was quite taken with the stock horse.

Ben gave him a few rounds.

Then Craig showed him how it was done.


We saw quite a few emus in our travels.


Ben likes digging.

Kev and his latest addition to the family.

Out by the silos.

Loyd was filling the B Double for a run.

The old windmill has seen better days.

Emily needed a cot. We improvised.

Michele has a go at the .243. Its loud!

Jake tried the .44 magnum. It kicks a bit.

Kyle plays with lunch.

Kev with 3 of 5.

The kids helped Loyd burn a tree.

Jake will make a good dad one day.

Hello Emily Rose. Wheres your hat?

The biggest bullant we've ever seen.

Boys will be boys.

Another Emu near the artesian bore.

I found some cable down by the bore drain.

Time to put the traps in.

I saw some big ripples in the water. I think jaws lives here.

Justin was working the stick rake. Thanks for returning my radio.

I did a circuit of the property as far as I could go. 60 kms all up.

I spotted jaws in the bore drain and put a bullet in him.

Heres one of the silo piggies.

The last big boar by the silo.

Kev had a few shots at this fox with the shotgun.
He wasnt doing real well so I snapped him on the run with the .44 mag.
The boys were very impressed.

Those pigs arent to fussy about eating their friends. Or maybe offspring.

Heres one that spent some time in the sun.

Dont feel sorry for the little suckers. They grow up to be big.

This shot is just before the boar came back to life.

This is after. Nervous smiles all round.

I'll pretend I got this one.

Time for a hot bath at the bore.

I cooked a yabby in this water. Its bloody hot!

I felt the need for a bigger bath.

Sunsets are grouse.

Sunrises are too.

Bye bye Burragillo. See you next year!

Old wheat sheds at Gravesend,