Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plomer Road Ride

Its the first clear blue sky day I've seen in a while.

Crescent Head is always a good destination on the bike.

I take a few hours off for an early morning loop down Plomers Lane and Maria River Road.

Off the point at Crescent Head

View from Racecourse Beach

Limeburners Creek

Wetlands behind the beach

Someone's been here before me

Beach access at Delicate

I got stuck in a bog and had to turn it around

Plomer Road is actually pretty dry for a change

Hastings Oyster leases

Hastings Oyster leases

Corduroy at Crescent Head Road

The bird life is happy to see all the water

Our new bypass will be open next week

Thank God

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kilprotay to Comara Ride

Sparkplug had kicked off another Nulla run through the Facebook Site.

Eight of us turned up for the day. The rain kept most at home in bed I'd imagine.

We geared up at the Bellbrook Pub and headed for the hills.

Better plug Redpoint a bit. I might get some free stuff.

Team KTM turned up looking all shiny and professional.

Team Chunk arrived looking all mohawky and wet.

Better plug the Bellbrook Pub as well. I might get a free beer!

I followed Bob up the Nulla road at speed.

Past Slim Dustys old place the weather is looking pretty sad.

Onto Kilprotay Trail and it's slick as goose shit.

We run into our first large deadfall and start cutting though it.

Chunk gets the billy on while we work.

I made a start on the biggest log just to get Spark going.

Bob and Tony discuss trajectories for jumping deadfalls at speed.

Spark sorts out the big log.

We need to be on the other side of that!

Eric makes his way through the cut.

Drew and Eric do the log limbo.

Tony works the hand saw.

Its all hands on to clear this one.

A big slip was sitting there creaking, just waiting to go all the way..

Finally we make the bottom of the Steps at Kilprotay.

Only to find this on the third step.

Just one of the greasy shale hills we had to climb.

The old girl had a lie down. I needed one myself.

Bobs gear lever worked its way loose again. Get some Loctite Bob.

It's always funny when Spark hits the ground. He gets enough laughs when I deck it.

Eric has some trouble in the mud. I take his photo then give him a hand.

Drew watches Bob make his way past the very technical climb here.

Spark ran out of steam on the big hill. Bob rode his bike up for him.

It was the least he could do after taking him out.

The nastiest, greasiest shitty hill you'll ever find. Took me a few goes on this one.

Eric heads down for another run at it.

Luckily someone cleared this big bugger previously.

Stopped at the Comara Gate for a quick top up.

Just another deadfall.

A bit of a drag to get under this one.

Chunk helps his boy through with the mighty TTR250.

You thought I didn't see this fall eh Eric?

A bit of a break in the clouds.

The TTR slipped its chain and jammed up real good.

I don't know if the DR is going to fit through there?

A big old python sleeping off its last meal.

Getting towards the end of Comara we run into the biggest slip yet.

The whole gully had slid out right down to the bedrock.

Boot deep mud, strewn logs and vines everywhere.

Tony helps roll Bobs 300EXC through the worst of the mud.

Then Spark has to cover his gob to avoid a mouthful of roost.

My old DR650 got a bit tired and wouldn't start on the button.

I must have left the lights on for too long.

Right at the worst possible spot to push it through too.

I took a wrong line and the ground opened up. Luckily I'd washed off enough speed.

Tonys Berg developed a flatty just to keep us on our toes.

The boys made short work of it.

Then Bobs EXC fell over into the ditch.

We where very happy to see tar, and even more happy to see the pub.

It was a great day. Wet, muddy and a real test of bikes and riders.

Once we committed ourselves to the downside of Kilprotay we had to keep on.

There was no going back.

Thanks to Spark and his chainsaw we made a good go of shitty conditions.

Everybody lent a hand, helped when it was needed and got on with it.