Monday, December 12, 2016

Safari Tank Brace - DR650 Tappet Adjustment

My big yellow Safari Tank had broken its aluminium brace once again.

Time to get serious and use some real steel.

It fitted well enough, with no sideways movement.

Doesn't seem to vibrate anywhere near as much either.

While the tanks off I might as well do the tappets.

Not a major job, but you can't afford to get it wrong.

Remove plug. Find Top Dead Centre on the compression stroke.

Both rockers and valves should be closed. Align the timing mark in the view plug.

Get your feeler gauges out and check the clearance initially. 

They may not need adjustment at all. 

Crack the locknut carefully.

 Adjust the square head screw with the feeler gauge between the rocker and valve.

Valve clearance (when cold):
IN.: 0.08-0.13 mm (0.003-0.005 in)
EX.: 0.17-0.22 mm (0.007-0.009 in)

Its should slip between them with some resistance.

Be sure to tighten the locknut properly or things could get messy up there.

DR650.Zenseeker has all the details here> DR650 Zenseeker

Apsley Falls - Walcha - Bellingen

A weekend on the Northern Tablelands was on the cards.

Apsley Falls is always a good option. 

Camping sites are decent and the facilities passable.

There's a few good walks to be had, with spectacular views.

This is the latest and greatest from Harley Davidson.

The Milwaukee 8.

Good to see they've embraced a technology that's been around since 1912.

I had a crack at a damper. 

With good results. 

A little scorched but damn it tasted excellent. 

Lasted for 3 days as well.

Headed in to Walcha for supplies and fuel.

There's an interesting steam punk themed shop to peruse.

Ebor Falls were running quite well.

A very pretty place to chill for a bit.

Dorrigo was the next destination.

It's a shame the Dorrigo - Glenreagh Rail network didn't revive.

I remember quite a lot of work going into it late 80's.

Dangar Falls - Dorrigo

Waterfall Way - East of Dorrigo

The old Butter Factory - Bellingen

I don't mind the look of these Tenere thingos. 

There a lot of expensive plastic to bust off them though.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Eastern Creek Drag Racing - Eastern Thunder

A spur of the moment idea hit me.

I saw an add in the paper for the Eastern Creek Drags.

I hadn't been to a dragrace since I was a kid.

By geez I'm glad I went.

It was spectacular.

I love the bikes. As expected. 

These blokes are pretty gutsy.

I wouldn't mind having a crack at it myself.

Old mate punted quite a few tshirts into the stands.

The kids were very impressed and swarmed all over trying to catch one.