Sunday, December 11, 2016

Box Ridge - Bridle Track - Pyramul Ride

Once again I headed into the Blue Mountains.

I hoped to follow Tablelands Road past the old Queen Victoria Hospital.

I'd been down here before on my 1200 Bandit but the track got too rugged.

Old Station at Bowenfels.

The bowl overlooking the Jamison Valley.

Repeater stations on Kings Tableland Road.

Queen Victoria Hospital.

Full of asbestos and now abandoned.

It was built in the early 1900s and was originally a facility for those with tuberculosis. 

In 1956 it became a hospital for the aged and mentally ill. 

Then in the 80s it became an aged care facility before it's closure in the late 90s.

Burrogorang/Warragamba Dam

The shelter rock at Battleship tops.

Some idiot burnt a stolen car in here years ago and destroyed ancient rock art.

I attempted the trail to McMahons Lookout but was running out of light.

The view above Wentworth Falls.

Then to the 3 Sisters.

Which was absolutely packed with yelling, giggling tourists.

I was happy to stay the night in Bathurst after a wet trip through Lithgow.

Thanks Tabitha and Harrison for your hospitality.

Leaving Bathurst I headed due North to Box Ridge Road.

I'd passed it a few times going through the Bridle Track previously.

Box Ridge was a great ride. 

A roller coaster road dotted with little shacks throughout.

Now on to Hill End.

I was tempted to head to Sofala, but had a good chunk of daylight left.

So heading north out through Tamboroora - Hargraves - Avisford.

Turned right into Grattai and Pyramul. 

Out through Aarons Pass and Ben Bullen.

Then back to Sydney.

I had to stop at this yard.

The signs and constructions were fascinating.

Just up the road from Pyramul I found this witch stuck in a tree.

Texting and flying does not mix/

Lone dead tree near Aarons Pass.

Running Stream

Capertee Valley.

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