Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Ride with the Bowraville crew

Kingy and Nick had organised a ride to the west of Bowraville.
The boys geared up and met at Clybucca Servo.

We arrived at Nicks farm and got the bikes off.

The view from here is not too shabby.

I was pleased to see another DR650SE in the crew.

It blew smoke on startup just like mine does.

Seems to be pretty common for the old tractors.

A bit of pre ride planning was carried out.

I was surprised to see one of the dairy cows had made its way to the top of the shed.

Then away we go. Through a cornfield and into the scrub.

Valley Valley Trail impressed the Kempsey boys quite a lot.

Smooth flow, clean track and some good mound jumping.

Then we hit the 1st decent hill. 

I saw a wall of orange and red laying all over the track.

I pulled in to record the action.

A bit of a stop for some water and snakes.

Some animated conversations were heard about near misses and falls.

Nick led us to a good sized hill and a few of our blokes threw themselves at it.

Dave did pretty good to get up here.

Back to the farm for lunch and Kingy took over cooking duties.

He's had some practice over the years.

A bit of a yak, a feed and a few soft drinks and we were good to go.

Well, most of us anyway. Three of the KTM boys handbagged out.

They were just to shagged to go on.

Well Glen was anyway. And he had the keys to the car.

Up the valley to Milo's place we went to meet some other riders.

Then into the green hills again.

Little Rob parks in a trench so he can put his feet down.

We did some wicked single trail, wide open road and cliff side chasm drops.

Not to mention some fun on Jackass hill.

We looked at the option of doing Kelly Trail, but most of us were shagged and cramping up.

We will leave it for next time.

I had an interesting experience on the last trail into town.

All of us were just putting along a well used track.

The faster boys way out front, and me and one other bloke just looking at the scenery.

We saw a few cars, and I waved to all of them as I do.

Except for a grey looking VN-VP Commodore Station Wagon.

As I'm riding past, a hand comes out the window finger upraised followed by a torrent of abuse.

I pulled up smartly and enquired as to the drivers problem. Not in those words of course.

Him and the passenger pulled in, climbed out and proceeded to pull rifles out of the vehicle.

Me and the other rider decided to vacate the area, at speed.

I dont know what the issue was, maybe they thought we were stealing their dope plants or something.

Monday, January 2, 2012