Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mcoys Trail

Needing new roads to explore we got into the maps.
Mcoys Trail was one option and Double Head the loop out.
Eric had access to the gate key and prior experience of the trail.

First stop at our friendly farmers place to get a key.

Someone had ideas of creating a farmstay retreat up here.
One of the neighbours complained about a traffic increase and the council killed it.
So typical of our council to veto any business propositions.
We can't have change or progress in OUR valley.

The owner had gone to the trouble of moving a decent house up here.
The movement process shifted a lot of the tiles, and the ceiling had caved in.

Here's the first fall of the ride. Leo clipped a log.
No bones broken, but Rob dislocated his shoulder getting the bike out.
I put it back in for him. Geez I'm a nice bloke.

Here's the second fall of the day. That Carrai clay is deceptively greasy.
I lost the front and plowed into the ground.

This is only a few of the 27+ creek crossings we had to ford.

Kingy is getting cranky in his old age.

The wild pigs are uprooting the ground everywhere up here.
I have a solution for that.

On the way home, Kingy and I where playing silly buggers in the greasy clay.
I held a cracking slide for far to long and highsided into the ground.
I've just spent most of the weekend bedridden and full of pills.
By God I'm sore.