Monday, April 22, 2013

R.I.P. Stacey Heydon

Stacey is and was an old friend of the Kempsey crew.

Tragically she had a fall from her Buell whilst enjoying an anniversary ride with hubby Col.

Two dogs ran out in front of Col, he braked. She hit him, and went down hard.

He revived her on the side of the road, but she died in the helicopter enroute to the hospital.

Stacey was a good mate, always cheeky and up for a stir. 

Very down to earth and loved her family and motorcycling.

She doted on her Buell, and never stopped talking about it.

Col and family held a memorial for her at Ulmurra. 

We had a beer in her memory and ran the Buell for her one last time.

She will be missed.

Taylors Arm Ride with the Newcastle Trailriders

There is still plenty of beer to be found here.

Trev the Rev looking all bling on his new 450 Berg.

Some fuckwit did a doughnut in my camp and sprayed grass all over my breakfast.
You can see his name and state of mind on that tin.

Bob attempting a stoppie on the camping area.

The two crews mingle on the big log before we kick off.

Stop taking photo's of me taking photo's.

Kingy gets warmed up.

Trevor joined us for the first time and proved himself pretty well.

Bob spins it up and away we go.

Stop for a breather and a look around on Kosekai Lookout.

Bob totally fucks up the fork settings on Simons Katoom.

A photogenic lot.

Greta - Kingy - Kez and Kaney.

Kaney caning it through the scrub.

Corey does cornerman while Les flies the flag.

A bit of speed blur here. Hard to believe, but it is possible on the DR650.

Greta got near as thirsty as his KTM.

Stopped at the Horseshoe Road threeways.

Corey skinned himself again.

Some of the Newcastle Trailriders.

Trev - Jason - Phil I think? and Greta.

Looking pretty serious here. Waiting for Tony to turn up.

Tony shows off his new third nostril.

Green hell.

Log limbo once again.

A bit of push n pull.

That greasy red hill sorted most of us out.

Phil crossed up and feet down.

Adam and David push the 300EXC up the hill.

Les makes a fast and stylish sweep of the trail on the way up.

With similar results to majority.

Corey runs his KTM into my DR on the way down. I hope he didn't scratch it.

The boys admit defeat and move on to the Comara gate.

One dozer meets another on the trails.

Adam waiting to move on down.

A lineup at the big gully slip above Nulla gate.

That big slab was a pain to negotiate.

Just ride straight over it says Chappy.

This snake near got cleaned up by Corey at speed.

Kingy and Jason head off at the Nulla gate.

Tony looking a bit worse for wear.

Lunch stop above Richmond trail.

Bob helps with running repairs on my flappy boot.

A feed and a drink for the blokes and the bikes.

Theres some big holes in the road up here.