Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sydney April Fools Day

Seeing as we were in Sydney for Black Sabbath, we decided to do our usual cultural tour.

The War Memorial, The Art Gallery and a Museum or two.

Gotta love Sydney. A nice place to visit.

Still wouldn't want to live there.

Black Sabbath at Allphones Arena Sydney

I heard Black Sabbath were touring Australia.

They are getting on in years, so I knew it might be my last chance to see them live.

Tickets purchased, accommodation booked and away we go.

My lady had not been to a large concert for many years and it was bit of a shock to her system.

She's not keen on crowds, loud noises or heavy metal.

Let alone that the seats we booked in the nosebleed section seemed like sitting on a cliff edge.

Once things started rolling she got into it and really enjoyed it.

Ozzy got around the stage like an old lady running for the bus.

But they did a two hour set and hammered it out so he's fitter than most I reckon.

Bloody awesome show.