Sunday, July 1, 2012

Barrington Tops Ride

Friday night Chunk & I hit Gloucester just before sundown. We made camp at the caravan park and met Spark at the pub for tea

I was up early and finally convinced Chunk to get out of his swag.
I fired up the DR and she smoked the whole camp out.
Chunk complained but I called it payback.

We met the crew and headed south for Avon River road.

Geoff didnt muck around, he led us straight up the side of a mountain for what seemed like miles. We looped out at about 60 kms and went back to meet the Sydney crew who were running late.

Here Chunk stands amazed at the amount of bling and farkles one KTM could hold.

Corey punched a rock into his knee.
I think he enjoyed dropping his trousers to show us all.

Chunk is using his boot here to stop the DR sliding down the hill.

 Mick thought the DR was only good for a sidestand. At least I still had one.

 Wayne is a pretty capable rider. Sometimes even capable riders get wet.

 45 minutes of kicking, cursing and bush mechanics got the XR400 going again.

This Suzuki is the best bike I've ever owned. Reliable, capable and tough.

Chris tipped his imaculate KTM into the creek late in the afternoon.

Spark is well versed in the arts of reviving drowned KTM's.

He went for the quick and dirty clean out rather than the roadside rebuild.
As you do.

Our lead rider Geoff copped a flatty on the way out.
Chunk kindly offered to change it out for him.
Second loop was epic. Huge hill climbs, mega ruts and freezing cold creeks. A few falls, a couple of drowned Katooms and a flat tyre later we headed back to the cars in the dark.

We had many beers and moved pubs once they kicked us out. Band was awesome and the dancing had to be seen to be believed.

Next morning Chunk and I found that most of the Kempsey boys were bailing to go home (handbags) so we kicked on without them.

Very similar to the day before, mega hills, drowned bikes and lots of laughs. Thanks for the invite Spark and cheers to all who joined us on the ride. Big shout out to Geoff who led us through. Awesome weekend.