Sunday, December 9, 2012

Very nice XB GT Ford Falcon

I've always loved the look of the XB GT Coupe.

Classic style and muscle car credentials make for a great vehicle.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


My street is real pretty this time of year.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bowraville Ride 2012

Once again, the Bowraville boys have invited us up for a run through the scrub.

We meet at Nicks place to unload and gear up.

The views from here are million dollar.

That cow is still stuck on the bloody roof though.

Al tries to hold his gut in when he see's the camera.

The Suzuki's outnumbered the Katooms for a change.

Out the gate we go.

We meet Milo and family at the paddock.

Gary is keen to go.

Spokesy and Kaney discuss sewing machines.

This legend put the old XR to the test.

Kingy says "Pull my finger".

A grasstrack start.

And away we go.

Up the big hill.

Pete is hanging for a durry.

First stop after the big hill.

Not a bad view.

At top of Bellbucca and Orange Tree.

A couple of stragglers.

Junior and Al look real cozy down there.

Kingy doesn't like orange.

Al's DRZ got a bit weepy.

We needed a rest after that run.

Dave T roosts me again.

Fast ridge run.

Top of Mcays.

The foot is out. Must be serious.

Nice bike champion.

I had a nasty blowout just up from here.

I got Nick on the job. He's got super wrist action.

That tube is beyond a patch I reckon.

I hold the bike up while Nick works.

And away we go again.


Junior lost his front brake. Bloody Suzuki's.

Get that durry into you Pete.

Hobbits are shy creatures. Camera shy.

Junior has his hand on it again.

The mothership provides fuel again.

Dave T shoots rocks at everyone.

Thats a big hill.

Go Greta.

Kez throws some gang signs.

Milo lays the RMX down to fill the carby.

Kosekai Lookout

The tow rope comes out.

Taylors Arm Pub for lunch.

We gear up to go.

Me and Spokesy head home through Collombatti.