Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bendemeer to Warrumbungles

Late night 4wd trip - Collombatti

Sometimes I get a silly idea and just run with it.

After a day doing yard work I decided to hook up the camper and find a mountain.

Collombatti State Forest is a web of trails and hard to negotiate in daylight.

Thank god for GPS technology and google maps.

I found the trig and set up camp.

The mossies were in clouds and hard to take.

A leftover from the recent floods I gather.

Someone had a bad day.

The dozer operator made 1000 year rollovers.

Its bloody narrow here.

Hey. I found the mountain.

I don't know why people have to put words on everything.

Laurieton - Crowdy Head

I think I'll travel south this weekend.

Down the coast road out of  Port Macquarie.

The brother Mountains are good for a view.

Crowdy Head is pretty too.

Red Hot Summer Tour - Port Macquarie

I'd been away and heard this was on in Port Macquarie.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I found some tickets for cheap on FB.

A beautiful sunny day with lots of good vibes ran into a great night.

Baby Animals are always a favourite of mine, but all the bands were tops.

Yes, even Shannon Noll.  Onya Nollsie.