Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taylors Arm via Farmers Trail

The boys met at Jacks Crossing

Davo made us laugh by running over his helmet in the ute

His helmet was somewhat more narrow and uncomfortable

Roses Road race mode

The snotty hill on the fenceline stopped a few

Some just got off and pushed

Waiting for the stragglers
Davo's DT200 gets a flat

Back to Greenhills Road

Top of Browns Trail

Near where Scrappy may have spotted Malcolm Naden
The Pub with No Beer

Jono gets a flat at the pub

Couple of blokes from Stuarts Point

Phil gets into a tyre change

Jake takes a detour thru the scrub on Wilsons Trail

Wilsons Trail going down.

Phil and I stop for a breather

Jono at the Collombatti Trig

The crew splits up

There was some smoke coming off this tyre a minute ago

It was steaming

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vince Strang Motorcycles DR650 Photo Competition

Vince Strang is running a photo competition to win a $200 open order in his shop.

I'd ask anyone who visits this page to please give me a vote.

It would be much appreciated. Link is here>Vince Strang DR650 Photo Competition

My DR650 could do with some heated handgrips to make my rides more comfortable.

You will find my old yellow DR650SE on the Willi Willi Road heading into Carrai Plateau.

Thanks gang.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Friday & Collombatti Trig after floods

Collombatti draining after the rain

The water is usually 20 feet below this bridge

Just past Jacks Crossing

You can see the floodwater in the distance

Coopers bike is always losing something

Kingy flattening his tyres

Clearing some scrub

Hmm. No go boys.

Well maybe if we put this stick here..

The Greenhills Road

Good Friday Trail - Going down

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gingers Creek & The Cells Ride

Quinney had organised a long weekend stay at Gingers Creek Roadhouse to celebrate his birthday.

What better way to do that than ride motorcycles?

Julian is clean for a change

Bloody lantana

Nerang Road for a breather

Phil still laughing after the creek episode

Above Littles Loop road

At the top of Bobs Ridge Road

Small Falls on Hastings Forest Way

Big Log near Wilsons Reserve
Wilsons Reserve
Wilson River Bridge

Wilson River Reserve

Wilson River

Wilson River

Wilson River bushwalk

Hastings Forest Way

Entering Birdwood

Forbes River

Forbes River Road on the Oxley Highway

Quinney in retard, I mean motard mode

Nice couple on a fizzer & a zook

The Gingers Creek Submarine

Dedicated all weather motorcyles

The super esky

Everyone was in awe of Peters wit & intellect

Ben kindly provided some woolly boots for cold feet

The boys starting to get messy

It got very messy later in the morning

Julian in cleanup mode

Morning views

Desperate scrabbling at the door about 4am

Gearing up

A very sad little camper indeed

Nice old gent on the 990

Spark offloads the stealth KTM

Sparks Cabin for the night

Old mine cart

Suzuki Power

That first greasy hill (just a warmup eh Spark)

Quinney about to turn it around

That monster greasy log by the boghole

The boys are smashed after the first 20 minutes

Pick a rut. Any rut.

Oops. There's been a fall.

A recovery in progress

Wounded in action

The chinamans mines

A cluster of bats

The mine gate

View from the depths

The Cells Hilton

That deep muddy creek

The stamping battery in the Cells

Top of Grassy Ridge I think

Maxwells Flat

Pete moved into the shower room

Rain greeted us again

The wettest bastard ride home in ages