Monday, June 6, 2011

Nundle Weekend Ride

A flat to start the trip

Time to get them out

Tony had a bit of trouble on this hill. Unusual for him.

Jason took an unexpected dip in the ice cold creek

Ken, our friendly local copper looks on

Jason stated that he'd never been so cold in his life

We pumped the water out of the KTM and kept going

Greg takes a photo
At the top of the rockiest hill

This hill smashed everyone. A few got up to the top

Even Tyler the MXer had trouble

The old XR400 had a couple of good goes

With this result

Down the hill for another go

Checking for the best lines

Clearing the mud from the knobs. It all helps.

Spark making it look easy

Ken the copper had a go at it on my DR650

And stopped about here

Its a heavy big bastard eh

Thanks Ken for trying though

Spark led us the long way round

With a few small obstacles

Tony coming out of the pines

Eric tagging along behind

Morning tea and a chat

Jason is still wet by the looks of him

Eric winding up the 690

Slick conditions tested us all

Beautiful place to ride though

Is everybody here?

This gully was a cracker
Tony and Spark hammered it

Eric riding sweep

Ken gives directions to Spark

Creepy looking place eh?

A big wedge tailed eagle on the hunt

This is how they leave it

Deep in the pines

Heading to the police station

The boys out the front of Nundle Police Station

Spark says to me, dont go up if you dont want to

View from the Hanging Rock Lookout

Motard action

Wayne turning it around

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