Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flat Top and Double Head Mountain Ride

The Redpoint boys organised a ride to Carrai - Marys View.
Somehow it changed to Flat Top and Double Head overnight.
8am start they said. I turned up on time. Simon & Bob were dragging the chain. 
Bob looked a bit dusty and coughed up a lung or two. 
That Bundy rum is a harsh mistress.

Our local Yamaha dealer turned up for a run on one of his demo bikes.

Tony Mac was on time and ready to go. Unlike everyone else.

Max ready to roll. Bob looks ready to roll one up.

We had a vintage XL two fitty join the crew.

Col leads Tony Mac up into Boonanghi Trail.

First stop for a head count. We had to wait for the XL.

You wouldn't know Simon broke his neck last month. 
His mum is going to be so mad with him when she finds out he went riding again.

Bob's shift lever had chewed its splines out. 
He's a useless bugger who got pissed instead of doing pre-ride maintenance.

Tony carved alloy off the lever with a swiss army knife to give it enough bite. 
It seemed to work.

Almost missed Tony here. He's faster than a speeding Nikon.

Dingo Trail and we go up the hill.

Bob tops the Boonanghi Trig.

Tony Mac went looking for Max. Who was already on the Trig.

Bob has his second breakfast. He is somewhat hobbit like.

Jake had an argument with this deadfall treetop.

I had an argument with this log. 
I went over the handlebars, much to the amusement of everyone.

Simon carving up to Peach Tree Trail.

Top of Peach Tree Trail. Tony tells us how big his plants were.

Not a bad view from here.

We sent Max and Jake down first to see if they'd get shot. They didn't.

That's Double Head Mountain in the background. Our destination.

Access is through private property. 
We waited to see if Tony would get shot this time.

We've just finished Double Head Trail. 
Simon managed not to break his neck again. 
He looks happy with that.

What are you doing to that DR Simon? It looks suspicious.

I headed down to Kookaburra and left the boys to do Double Head again. 
Carrai to Kookaburra was the original plan after all. 
I wanted to get some pics with my new camera.

Banda Mountain.

Frying Pan Lookout Carrai Road.

Haydonville looking down towards the Natural Arch.

Willi Willi.

Spokes Mountain

All in all, not a bad day out. Looking forward to the next one.

Google Map for the days ride. Dungay - Flat Top - Carrai

Melbourne in Spring 2012