Monday, June 23, 2014

South West Rocks Ride with the Port Macquarie Road Riders

Big Todd of the Port Macquarie Road Riders organised a run to the Rocks.

I waited at the South St turn but must have missed them by minutes.

Its nice to see Crescent Head road get an upgrade.

Not a bad day for a surf, if a little bit chilly.

Someone obviously had a bad night.

Belmore River outfall at Ryans Cut.

The HOG crew were out at the SWR Country Club.

Some nice bikes amongst them.

I especially like the trike.

I meet with the PMRR at the Trail Bay kiosk.

Gearing up to go.

Nice Ducati.

Big Blue.

Here's Todd on the Diavel.

MV's are pretty special.

Back towards the rocks we go.

View from Jerseyville Bridge.

We end up at the Fredericton Pub for lunch.

A few of the crew.

Here's a Kerfoot.

I like the V Stroms.

So many Harleys out today.

Ended the day on a shitty note. 

It appears some scumbag thought it would be funny to stick a knife through my tyre.

Who ever it was, fuck you.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dual Sport Australia Coffs Harbour Poker Run

The Dual Sport Australia crew had put together a Poker run in the Coffs Harbour area.

Trev the Rev and I trailered up to the Maccas south car park for the kick off.

I reckon my grey DR blends well with Trevs new Colorado.

A caffeine hit all round.

Pottsy unloads the fastest DR650 I've seen.

Good to see the old Dominators still getting around.

I nearly bought one of these instead of the DR650.

I don't regret my purchase though.

An XR400 with all the fruit.

Even a TDM900 joined the throng. 

Not the dirt loops though.

Trev and I try to work out where we are. And where we are supposed to be.

I think this is the turn off?

Geez, How did we end up at Ulong?

We managed to find another group, led by Marty Blake and tacked on with them.

Here's Marty in all his glory.

Craigs bike had some chain issues for some reason.

We found out why much later in the story.

First stop was the old chinese mine.

The DR650 wouldn't fit in there.

Here's Craig talking to the bats.

The mine is surprisingly deep.

Trev looking all bling.

Back to business boys.

Then a abit of a tar scratch back to the carpark.

Watch out for trains.

The Rural Fire Service where having a Memorial meeting here.

We snuck past real quiet.

Left or right fellahs?

So we got our bearings. Then I prompted Marty for a wheelie.

He was happy to oblige.

This is on a closed course under race conditions.

Then we dueled with the Coffs Harbour traffic.

Grab a card, then into another loop. This one was muddy.

The trails were great, a bit of everything.

Just out of town as well.

Here he is. Tail end charlie.

Trev colour coordinates you know.

Marty tells us of a few other trails.

The coffee sippers back at the Maccas carpark.

Tom shows us his form on the trials bmx.

Craig took a hard line in this boghole.

It got deeper and stickier the further he went in.

I think it's time we gave him a hand.

I parked and went down to pull his bike out.

Then we did some greasy single trail. I love that.

Regroup and ready for the next loop.

You get all sorts of bikes at these things.

That Pottsy is a monster. Makes a DR650 look small.

This lovely young lady joined us and made a great effort.

Craig at speed into one of the final loops.

I got nothing against KLR's. DR650's just suit my purpose better.

Then we wound up by the fire having drinks.

A great end to a top day.