Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mount Seaview to The Cells River

So after a big night, the crew got ready for The Cells.

Some of us were a bit dusty, but still keen.

Shane was to lead us in, and I was to provide backup with the GPS.

Here's Shane looking all spiffy after his relaxing night in the Resort Spa.

The boys line up

Tobins River

A bit of a wheelie from Ray

Ralfes Trail leads us into the Cells

Julian has an argument with the embankment

I'd hate to run into that on a greasy corner

The boys decided to test themselves on this little single trail

With various results

Shane turns it around

Quinney just props

Julian at speed

Blue Mountain Creek Trail

The start of the Cells

A steep greasy trail down

Plenty of creeks down here

And logs

Here comes Phil

Shane and Phil do recon

The Cells Hilton

The big greasy red hill

It stopped everyone

For over an hour we attempted to get all bikes up

Again and again

Some ventured into the bush

Others just watched and laughed

The 426 gave us some trouble

We met these blokes at the top of the range

Energy running low by this stage

It was cold and wet. My DR650 flattened the battery

After getting around that last deadfall tree, I could not start my bike on the button.

Ray and I sawed through the tree so I could get a rollstart.

Then it was follow the GPS out to the Oxly Highway.

We made it back to seaview with no incident, then I packed up and rode home.

It was a great weekend. Happy Birthday Pete.

Lets do it again next year.

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