Monday, June 23, 2014

South West Rocks Ride with the Port Macquarie Road Riders

Big Todd of the Port Macquarie Road Riders organised a run to the Rocks.

I waited at the South St turn but must have missed them by minutes.

Its nice to see Crescent Head road get an upgrade.

Not a bad day for a surf, if a little bit chilly.

Someone obviously had a bad night.

Belmore River outfall at Ryans Cut.

The HOG crew were out at the SWR Country Club.

Some nice bikes amongst them.

I especially like the trike.

I meet with the PMRR at the Trail Bay kiosk.

Gearing up to go.

Nice Ducati.

Big Blue.

Here's Todd on the Diavel.

MV's are pretty special.

Back towards the rocks we go.

View from Jerseyville Bridge.

We end up at the Fredericton Pub for lunch.

A few of the crew.

Here's a Kerfoot.

I like the V Stroms.

So many Harleys out today.

Ended the day on a shitty note. 

It appears some scumbag thought it would be funny to stick a knife through my tyre.

Who ever it was, fuck you.

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