Monday, July 21, 2014

Moree July 2014

It's that time of year again.

Time to brave the cold wind off the Moree plains.

I packed my Hilux and made good time after leaving at 4am.

I got to Wollomombi as the sun crested the hills.

All was well in my world, until..

Boom, followed by a lurch and wobble at high speed.

The tread had delaminated on the Firestone Firehawk left rear.

This blowout gave me a bit of a heart starter.

Nice place to break down though.

I set to jacking the whole rig up.

You used to be able to camp in TSR's.

The hill above Armidale. Looks smoky down there with good reason.

A Sulphur Crested Cockatoo enjoying the morning sun.

A heap of bikes were pulled up at Warialda.

This BMW in particular caught my eye.

Here we are again. At the gate of Mungyer.

It feels like coming home to me.

Em was "helping" her dad unload the trailer.

I set up my camp quickly, as the sun was fading.

Johns Camp.

Jake, Kyle and Zach.

Craig pulled in with the Polo Crosse Hilton.

I went down to the artesian bore for a bath.

Caught the sun in my rear view.

Soaking in the hot bore drain.

Watching the sun go down while having a scrub.

Kevin tips some hot water out of "Bender".

Lach, Em and Jake.

It got a bit nippy through the night.

Craig makes a business call.

Loyd shows us his new phone.

El, Kurt, Sunny and Kyle.

Phones should be banned in camp I reckon.

The old traction engine.

The run down shearers quarters.

I put the yabby traps in here by the reed bed.

Another sulphur crested cockie.

Part of the old bore workings.

The artesian bore. Soon to be capped.

You've got to have water out here.

Boys will be boys.

Another spectacular sunset.

Kevin captures it in panorama mode.

Kurt in the ute.

Kyle all rugged up.

The second wheat silos.

Kyle and Zach.

The big 475 Komatsu.

Bit of a family shot.

The big tree.

Cotton rolled up at the gin.

Big shed at Grawin.

Old tractor at Warialda.

Another old tractor at Warialda.

A shed at Delungra.

I stopped at Inverell for a look at the park.

I could not go past the DR650 lolly shop. Vince Strang Motorcycles.

This thing looks pretty fast.

3200kms on the clock. All the good gear.

Watching the instore TV scroll images I saw my bike and a few others I know.

Here's a great start for anyone considering a dual sport motorcycle.

Here's an interesting house at Tingha.

Just this side of Armidale is Thunderbolts Cave.

I had to have a look at this as I've driven past it too many times.

At least State Forests aren't as miltant as NPWS yet..

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