Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guilt Tripped again..

I received a nasty email tonight. Short story is a built a system for this lady shes not happy.

The main reason shes not happy is that her pirated version of Microsoft Office is indicating that it will cease to function in two days. Microsoft released an update that shuts down Office if its not legit. I didn't provide it. I warned her against it. I gave her options. I tried to remedy the issue.

What the fuck else can I do. I dont support pirated software.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Duke goes to Bellbrook

I enjoyed a ride to Bellbrook on a friends Ducati a while back. You know one of those day where the sun is shining and all is well with the world. The roar of a big V Twin. Nothing like it.

Did you install spyware on my computer?

I built a system for a lady at South West Rocks early last year. She rang me and explained that she had been exceeding her download limit with her Telstra ADSL plan for the past few months. (a 200Mb plan mind you) The Telstra tech person told her she might have spyware leeching her data.
She wanted to know if I'd installed spyware on her computer.
Now when I built the system I installed all my usual spyware removal/prevention tools. I explained the concept of spyware then showed her how to update and use them. This was an extra hour of my time.
I also transferred all her data from the old system. I explained all this and informed her that her data while interesting to her, was of absolutely no interest to me.

She says "Well its certainly of interest to someone!" then hangs up in my ear.

Problem solved.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The birth of Big Ned

I was lucky enough to observe Big Ned in all its stages of construction. I think Marks intention was an engineering/artistic exercise with a very Australian feel to it. Obviously Ned is not a practical motorcycle, the lack of suspension would ruin any rider over distance. That massive engine with its rotary valves and cyberpunk brasswork is more an aesthetic expression than anything, but its one that roars.
Some people like fishing, others enjoy carving blocks of alloy into large volume combustion engines.
This is not the first effort Mark has made into engine building. His V Twin drag bike has been around since I was a kid.
Marks monster drag bike is built for a purpose, mainly fast et's and lots of smoking rubber down the dragstrip. It has evolved and always improved. Ill find the Two Wheels magazine article and scan it to the web.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Is that the shop in the plaza?

I had a call this morning. The lady informed me I had her computer in for repair, and found it not worth fixing.
Apparently I'd backed up her data to an external drive and when she got it home it was someone elses.
She wanted to know if I still had her computer, as her data was very important to her. I start looking theough all my dead Dells and could not find one owned by Walton.
She getting a bit cranky by now and I inform her of my usual policy. If its not picked up in 4 weeks it goes into storage and 12 months later is discarded.
Then she flys off the handle stating that I requested the computer be left instore and I was making "her" feel responsible for "my" oversight.
I calmly tell her not to get cranky, if the computer has been stored I can retrieve the data. I open my database and cannot find an entry for "Walton".
I tell her this and she asks, "Are you the computer store in the Credit Union Plaza?"
I explain to her that Im not, and now I know this Im not surprised shes received the wrong data.
I get a mumbled apology and a quick hang up.

People please, if your going to get cranky at someone ensure it is the correct recipient.