Saturday, December 6, 2014

Natureland Classic Motorcycle Club Christmas Toy Run 2014

It was time for the annual toy run.

I met the crew at the SWR Bowling Club.

Matty is a cheeky little elf

Tony Spiteri and his friend

Kiwi and his friend

Hey Santa

This lovely lady came out to donate toys

We all pulled into the old folks home

BC and Hannah

Hannah looks happy

Always like the Ariel Square Four

Don Hunter on his new BMW

I reckon its got too much power for him

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wilsons Hill Eastern face

Pete rang me for a quick lap into Collombatti.

The plan was to go up through Roses Road and down the back of Wilsons Hill.

I had nothing else on so it sounds like a great idea.

Julian is positive as ever

Pete sprays me with rocks from his revamped WR450

We stop for fuel in the heights of Mungay Creek

Julian tries to find the balance point of the little WR250

We meet Phil and his girl in the middle of nowhere

Stopped by a creek we meet this little fellow

Monday, November 3, 2014

Natureland Classic Motorcycle Club Hat Head Rally Day 2

Day two of the NCMCC Rally I meet the crew at Caltex South

This monstrosity was eye catching.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Caught a few coming up Crescent Head Road

Going down Crescent Head Road

In motion

Stopped for roadworks

A great revamp job on the old Honda

There's even a can am Spider in the mix

The Harley Servi Car is always a favourite

Lots of old English bikes

My personal choice for best bike of the day.


500 Titan Suzuki like my mum used to own.

A big V twin JAP

Ariel Square Four

I have one of these in my dining room

The old crew having a chat

My old man talking rubbish

A beautiful Honda 4

Fluoro saves lives

The Harley section

Another view of that Honda 4

An interesting take on the SR500 Yamaha

Shorts and bikes do not mix

That V Twin JAP again

Dirty old beeza

Old mate rolled out his custom pushie for us to see

I headed out through Belmore River to catch the bikes going around

Our Natureland admins look happy

A minor bingle at the turnoff

The culprit

Spiteri talks with Glen

Handsome lot aren't they?

Spiteri's head looks like an old downy thistle

Di don't mind a chat

Scruffy looking lot

A big goanna came out for a feed