Monday, November 3, 2014

Natureland Classic Motorcycle Club Hat Head Rally Day 2

Day two of the NCMCC Rally I meet the crew at Caltex South

This monstrosity was eye catching.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Caught a few coming up Crescent Head Road

Going down Crescent Head Road

In motion

Stopped for roadworks

A great revamp job on the old Honda

There's even a can am Spider in the mix

The Harley Servi Car is always a favourite

Lots of old English bikes

My personal choice for best bike of the day.


500 Titan Suzuki like my mum used to own.

A big V twin JAP

Ariel Square Four

I have one of these in my dining room

The old crew having a chat

My old man talking rubbish

A beautiful Honda 4

Fluoro saves lives

The Harley section

Another view of that Honda 4

An interesting take on the SR500 Yamaha

Shorts and bikes do not mix

That V Twin JAP again

Dirty old beeza

Old mate rolled out his custom pushie for us to see

I headed out through Belmore River to catch the bikes going around

Our Natureland admins look happy

A minor bingle at the turnoff

The culprit

Spiteri talks with Glen

Handsome lot aren't they?

Spiteri's head looks like an old downy thistle

Di don't mind a chat

Scruffy looking lot

A big goanna came out for a feed

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