Thursday, June 19, 2014

Supernova Sydney 2014

My lady informed me of an event called Supanova.

Sort of like Comicon on a smaller scale.

I'd never been to a nerdfest before, but it sounded interesting.

This young lady made a great effort at a Snow White Zombie.

Some people were more interested in their phones than promotion.

The best damn Deadpool in the whole place.

G'day Kyle.

Steve as Darth Maul and a baggy looking Jabba the Hut.

Chewbacca made a big entrance.

I'm not sure of the story behind this costume, but it was excellent.

Geez, toys everywhere.

Michele likes Minions.

This bloke Jason was very friendly.

Bumblebee made an appearance.

Armour to suit anyone.

A couple of aussie made Bat machines.

Monkey tried to make his staff bigger.

Wow. What a great thing to have in the loungeroom.

The Payday gang.

A cheeky Stormtrooper.

A curious Jawa.

Not a bad effort at Wolverine.

The black stag from Hannibal. With Will.

A great Shaun of the Dead.

Michele actually paid to have John Jarret strangle her.

This fellow was selling blue ice at a premium.

Geez. A comic fantasy come true.

Daenerys and her dragon.

Pikachu Warhammer crossover giving cuddles.

So many guns.

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