Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nymboida via Dorrigo Ride

We meet at Clybucca for an early start. Ash seems to run on red bull and Johnny Walker.

A 35 year old motorcycle with current technology hanging off it.

Froof tells us how he caned Ash up the Waterfall Way.

Bill uses his leg to motivate the engine of his motorcycle. Must be an old technology.

Newell Falls.

Mad root system

Bellinger Valley Views

Newell Falls again

Higher up the Waterfall Way

Some good sized timber in this

Random Triumph Rider

Juans Cafe

Big Ned on the left

Guess the speed?

The Nymboida Coaching Station Inn

Keith, Froof and Peeby enjoy a beer.

Excellent metal sculpture

A bit of dirt to cover my numberplate wont hurt

The boys carve up the Tyringham Road

Ash overshoots the turn off

The Dorrigo Railway Museum

A stop at Dorrigo for a squash

A bit cooler under the verandah

An old pump engine in a motorcycle frame

One of those new Ducati Diavels

A mobile road block

Big fires out to the west

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