Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kilprotay-Kosekai-Taylors Arm Ride

We hadn't done a proper Kilprotay Trail run for a while now.

Tony was keen to push through into Horseshoe Road and up Kosekai.

We met at Bellbrook to kick off up the Nulla Creek Road.

Andersons Sugarloaf in the distance.

Spark had a Crimson Rosella commit suicide on his KTM just here.

I'm not real sure what was going on here.

Spark was complaining about a hairy grub in his pants.

Tony was helping him look for it.

I think they were looking in the wrong area.

Kilprotay Trail was dry and easy to traverse for a change.

When its damp it is treacherous.

We stopped at the Horseshoe Road for morning tea.

We turned south and headed towards McKays Road

Spark was telling us how tall the wallaby's are on the Armidale Road.

Some good mountain views from here.

Some of the log falls where huge. We passed one that was taller than me.

Chunk has a Bear Grylls style drink in the creek.

Better than the usual Bear Grylls drink anyway.

Tony and Spark had a bit of a meeting halfway down the trail.

Sparks handlebars met Tony's armour and tried to remove him from his Husaberg.

That's one way to get rid of the competition eh Spark?

Chunk remarked on what a likely yabby habitat the creek seemed.

I kicked over a rock and proved that statement within 5 seconds of saying it.

Tony's Berg has a laydown.

Those bamboo sidestands are somewhat unreliable.

At the top of Jacobs Ladder.

A very apt term for a steep descent interspersed with erosion mounds.

From midway down Jacobs Ladder I spied some more bushfires above Taylors Arm.

It's steeper than it looks.

Spark led us down some overgrown single trail on the Mines Road into Taylors Arm Road.

We went back up the ridge onto Kosekai Trail to the lookout.

Some fwits had stolen the picnic bench.

I recommend removal of the fingers as a suitable punishment.

The views from Kosekai are fantastic. 

Shame there was so much smoke around though.

Tony attempted a little detour, but was thwarted by deadfall timber.

Spark ask's if we want to do a little bit of single track.

We drop into green hell.

This big mossy log gives an idea of how damp it usually is down here.

I got hooked up up a big liana vine. 

It dragged me to a stop and dropped the bike on my leg.

DR650's are heavy.

We dropped down into Taylors Arm for a beer and some lunch.

I parted ways with the rest of the crew and rode into Collombatti.

I felt like a few more kms were required and went east towards Yarrahappini.

It was another great day. 

I saw some new trails, took some more photo's and mapped a few idea's for future rides.

Google Maps Link-Kosekai

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