Monday, December 27, 2010

Dads Driveway

My old man is a little bit eccentric. 

His driveway signs are a fair indication of this fact.

Just "DON'T".

Just "OLD".

I saw her on the nod actually

You don't say?

Brother Pud and the old man.


☆ Melissa ☆ said...

Had a good laugh..

"Refugee's should row on home"

- Mel

Ian said...

Glad you got a laugh out of it. The signs tend to put off most people and dad likes it that way. It keeps the religious spielers from entering the property. Cheers and thanks for the comment.

☆ Melissa ☆ said...

Pity I don't have a long driveway like that! We get around 3 sales reps in this area a week! Drives me nuts!

...::: HAPPY 2011 :::...

Have a wonderful time welcoming the new year!


Les said...

IDGAF, where is that orange bike?

Ian said...

Still on the verandah under a tarp. Is that WLA Les by any chance?

Les said...

As you know by now Ian it is!
Anyone who doesn't know your Dad and read this could easily mistaken him for a nutter, but when you see a bit more of the world and you meet more and more fuck wits, you realize he is one of the few sane one's (and truly a gentlemen) and they should all fuck off!
Mate, I had great laugh reading this, it brought back some great memories when I stumbled across this blog.