Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yarrahappini Mountain Ride

I ordered some braided lines for the DR650SE as the stock ones are somewhat spongy.

They look good for the price and I fitted them up with no dramas.

Of course, then it was necessary to test them.

Lets try them on that big hill.

A rusty old Farmall tractor and implements.

Geez, I'd hate to hit one of these at speed.

Not a bad view from here.

Stuarts Point.

Enough power to make your fillings buzz.

They obviously don't want people getting in here.

Reminds me of South Africa.

Looking South towards Clybucca.

In the rainforest.

Decent sized log.


Its a good spot. My lady and I camped here a few years ago.

View from Scotts Head.

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