Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gingers Creek with the Port Macquarie Road Riders

Todd and the Port Macquarie Road Riders invited me for a run up Gingers Creek.

You get to see all sorts of bikes at the cafe.

Extremely clean semi-adventure bikes.

Super rattly Ducatis.

Even Suzuki's with the bum cut off em.

I love Buells. Did I tell you I love Buells?

The Diavel up front. An interesting machine.

I don't mind the look of these Trumpies.

The boys head back down the hill.

Love that Buell.

The big cruiser not scraping.

Another big cruiser not scraping.

A modern Honda about to start scraping.


Wobble wobble --- faaaaarrrk!

The red cruiser was backing it in under gear changes.

A drag start fellahs?

Nah, we will just cruise. The coppers are out today.

Stopped at Long Flat pub for a beer.

I like the black Duke.

I like the red one too.

It's art.

Nice to see an old Hailwood out and about.

This is red and tasty.

But black just looks cool.

A few beers. A few laughs.

Someones going to have dirty undies I reckon.

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