Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brushy Mountain Ride 2014

Simon invited me to join him on a mountain trailride.

The weather looked a bit ordinary but we persevered.

Geez Simon. How you going to fit the fuel drum on there?

Up through Belangarry.

First Tower Lookout.

I saw the sign.

View from Hastings Forest Way.

Does my ass look big in this?

Not a bad view from the Brushy Mountain Hilton.

We tried to get up the back of Banda Mountain but the trail was blocked.

I've got to change those tyres.

A little ray of sunshine.

Just wide enough for a DR650 to get through.

The Banda Road Arboretum.

The old stump has seen some years.

Top of Banda Road were it meets Loop Road and Toorumbee Trail.

Everyone wants a log.

Or maybe three.

It absolutely pissed through the night. And most of next day.

Simon burns the toast again.

How was your new swag Simon?

Too small and too thin in the mattress he says.

It's a top little camp.

Don't wet your boots Simon.

The Racecourse fire ripped through here.

Top of Spokes Trail. Impassable for many years now.

Simon checks the sign.

Dry weather access only Simon.

KTM's don't like the water.

Racecourse Trail.

Kemps Pinnacle

Bottom of Spokes Trail. No access.

Kemps Pinnacle from the other side. We tried to find the walking trail.

Green hell. I love it.

Thanks National Parks for gating this area and charging for access.

The big red wheel at Kookaburra,

Stockyard Creek.

Mossy steps

Mossy stump

Mossy log

Mossy steeping stones

View from Spokes Lookout

Flat Top Mountain with Double Head Mountain behind.

You couldn't jam a stick in there if you tried.

Packing up to go home.

Care to try one?

Another good ride done.

Thanks to Simon for inviting me.

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