Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Years Eve at Nulla Nulla Creek 2014

It's a bit late to be posting New Years Eve images I suppose.

But a lot of things have been happening lately.

Michele's mum was very ill through most of last year.

She finally passed from kidney failure. It was a slow lingering death.

I joined the Natureland Classic Motorcyle Club for their annual NYE celebration at Nulla.

We had drinks and laughs. It is always good.

Little did we know that my Uncle Head would pass from a massive heart attack weeks later.

Garry Franklin Cox, or "Head" as he was known has been a part of my family since forever..

I loved him like a father. He was my best mate, my uncle, my oldest friend.

He died in my dads front yard. I sat with him until the Funeral Home arrived to take him away.

It broke my heart. It is still broken.

Garry is the fellow with the big grey beard.

Dad gathers firewood while Garry looks on.

Just chilling.

Our favourite Frenchman and his lovely lady.

Garry has scratched himself and is bleeding well.

A big storm blew in out of the west.

The local 4WD club joined us on the Nulla Creek flat.

A mad Maltese.

Just chilling and chatting after a dip in the creek.

Sharon and Head sharing drinks and laughs.

BC doesn't like the flash on my camera.

Head the next day with a headache.

The crew seem to have lost something. Garry doesn't care.

Sitting in the shade yakking.

On of our resident school teachers. You think she'd find a better class of company.

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