Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DR650SE Dynojet install

I ordered a Dynojet kit to suit my DR650SE.

The change of pipe had made it necessary, as they run lean to start with.

I've done this before with the yellow one, and the results were good.

After much research I think this method works well.

There's two ways to do this apparently. 

MXRob reckons this method is best. 

Clip on second from the top, with the standard needle spacer ground to fit in the D shelf of the slide

The white spacer is ground so it sits in the "step" without kicking the needle.

The needle should sit straight vertically.

This way it wont rub and wear.

Dynojet 170 main fitted. 140 Mikuni jet in hand.

I ended up going back to a 160 after trying this.

The needle must sit straight into the emulsion tube.

The cheesy JIS screws need to go.

Replace with quality stainless hex heads.

With the richer jetting and pipe the airbox needs opening up.

Between the dremel and a holesaw I managed to do this.

Then I installed a screen to keep the rats out.

Some video of the DR with pipe and jet kit fitted.

Runs really well now.

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