Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dungay Creek Ride

I'd done some maintenance on old yella the night before.

I must have split the cam chain tensioner gasket in the refitting.

The old girl was spitting oil all over the header pipe.

So we swung into gear for repair.

Well Trev did. I tried to help.

He was like a whirlwind of spanners and gasket paper.

The old mail man was all over the road.

Leaping Leo looking all spiffy.

There's a bike in there somewhere.

The mighty Berg. And the not so mighty XR400.

Adam does some stretches in case he falls off.

You're not going to fall off today are you Adam?

Woops.. Spoke too soon.

Cmon big fellah. Walk it off.

Out of the creek bed.

Leo exits the single track.

I waited for ages at the creek. We stopped for morning tea.

Then on to the blowhole.

It's still there. A beautiful place.

Adam describes his moves when he decked it.

Leo reckons this photo is for his girlfriend.

Another good day in the scrub. Cheers boys.

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