Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kosekai - Targimindi Trail

I put some new tyres on the grey DR and was happy to say it's very improved.

I was keen to try a set of D606 Dunlops as I heard good things about them.

Port Yamaha provided them at the right price.

Collombatti Trig.

Near the Saleyards

Roses Road. 

These Doubletake mirrors are the goods.

Just a small obstacle.

Sometimes the small obstacles stop you.

Yellow cat in the background.

Nice little creek on Pastry Trail.

Found the chink in my armour.

This is one of two black snakes in a matter of metres.

Very agressive too.

I near knocked the starter switch out of the handlebars when I threw my leg up.

Green hell.

Pastry Trail view.

On the road to Taylors Arm.

An interesting little bus shelter.

It's not open very often.

Lets go to church.

Targamindi Trail view.

Andersons Sugarloaf.

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