Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hanging Rock Road Ride

Last weekends ride just showed me more trails that I had not explored.

I kicked off a similar but different approach to things this time.

It's a web of trails out there. Our history of prolific logging has opened up areas little seen for years.

So many trails.. so little time..

I purchased an excellent trail pack from

Initial impressions are good. Good capacity, strong tie downs and it sits well.

Plus it was cheap. 

I loaded up and headed downtown for fuel.

Big Josh was doing the rounds so I stopped for a yak.

Collombatti Creek.

Colllombatti Rail

Ngambaa Nature Reserve

Someone didn't make the corner.

Some bloke with a camera.

Ngambaa Nature Reserve.

Buds Crossing.

Sundowner Road.

Bakers Creek Bridge.

Bakers Creek.

I hope that's not true.

Taylors Arm - Collombatti Road.

That used to be someones home.

There's plenty of beer here. I checked.

A black snake sunning himself.

Three big garbage compactors in the middle of nowhere.

Thumb Creek.

Near Sheet O Bark Trail.

Upper Taylors Arm Road.

Closer to Thumb Creek.


Kosekai Lookout. Without the cloud this time.

Nice view.

Mcays Trail.

Jacob's Ladder. It's steeeep.

I'm not getting through there without a chainsaw.

Yes. It's steeep.

The greasiest bastard bridge.

I just climbed that bloody hill.

Then it bucketed. Big time.

Dark and stormy. I near got struck by lightning.

Special thanks to the Kings, who took in an extremely wet and bedraggled motorbike rider.
No fuss. just added another plate, folded out the lounge bed and handed me a beer. 
Lots of laughs, provided by all but especially Ross and Elizabeth. 
Followed by a recovery breakfast at the Coffs Harbour Surf Club. Cheers.

Another great weekend.

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