Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DR650SE LED lights and Case Armour

The cases on the DR650SE are magnesium. 

If you punch a hole in them a welder will do no good.

There are two types of case armour for the DR, one alloy the other stainless.

Procycle offers the stainless ones. www.procycle.us

But the alloy ones are cheaper. www.motorcycleproducts.org

I went with the alloy because I'm generally poor.

The oil filter cover is chunky.

I used a clear RTV silicone to glue the armour on.

My local Ultratune had these 10 watt LED lights for cheap.

I've got a pair on the yellow DR and they work well.

I installed a blade fuse holder and waterproof switch.

For the money the LED lights are great. 

The DR650SE headlight is less than overwhelming.

Even with a decent aftermarket bulb.

The case armour is just insurance.

I've never punched a hole in the yellow DR but I've seen the scars.

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