Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Double Head Trail to Sofala

The annual pilgrimage to Sofala was on again.

This year a much sadder affair with the loss of our good friend Garry Cox.

A heap of the old bikies travelled up the coast to join my old man in a memorial ride.

I had to work late, and my bikes not built for the highway.

So I left mid afternoon, hoping to cross the oxley and hit dingo tops by sundown.

I headed up through Toorumbee and entered Double Head Trail via private property.

Luckily I'm on good terms with the owner, Cilla. She's a great lady.

I ran into a number of fallen trees on the way though Double Head.

The little Bahco brush saw comes in handy sometimes.

Double Head is done. Now on to Mooraback.

The trail up to here is rugged as hell. Mooraback is excellent though.

Smooth clean trails bounded by ferns and gums. Fantastic.

Still a few trees down though. They cost me some time.

Top of Youdales. Gated, locked and camera'd. 

I copped a $500 fine for accidently riding down an unauthorised trail here.

I saw no signs or gates where I passed through. But you can pay to go in here.

So they lock up YOUR park. Then charge you to go into it.

On Fenwicks Road. Getting cold now. Sun is low.

It rained hard from Fenwicks to Gingers Creek.

I missed getting fuel at Gingers Creek Cafe so pressed on to Wauchope.

In the dark and rain it was a miserable experience.

Until the clouds rolled back and I saw the blood moon through the trees.

It hovered over a massive storm that roiled with lightning.

A surreal and incredible thing to see while rolling down the Oxley.

Yes, rolling as I hit reserve and was really pushing the limits of fuel range.

The bike stopped three times on the way into Wauchope.

I tipped it over to get the dregs out of the tank and into the carbie.

It got me to the BP servo with only fumes to spare.

Up the Oxley again with an early start.

I made it to Blue Knob Lookout in good time.

I like the shadow of the bike on the ground.

An old steam traction engine at Dingo Tops.

The autumn colours are really coming out now.

Dingo Tops is a decent camp area.

Getting down towards Mount George now.

Best place for a Volvo?

Heading into Gloucester.

On Copeland Tops road, I saw the biggest insect I've ever seen.

Heading into Barrington Tops now.

Cobark River

The local council were grading and rolling the muddy track. Making it worse actually.

The Dingo Gate on the Moonan side of Barrington Tops.

A big wedge tailed eagle soaring the thermals.

The view on the other side of Dingo Gate.

Heading to Moonan.

Nearly at Moonan.

On the Bylong Valley Way.

Bylong Valley Way.

This ones on the Oxley.

View from Blue Knob Lookout in panorama.

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